The other day 

A young lady was telling me the other day about how she really cares for this guy but he never give her the attention she wants or better yet deserves, but then again the guy tells her he loves her and wonna be with her in the future as far as marriage.

I personally know the guy n he once told me how much he likes the girl and wants to be with her. But how I see it, I just feel like the guy at the moment is not ready to be the man that she wants him to be because he haven’t figured out his priorities yet as far finding the right path to be the man he wonna be in future. He prolly feels like he’s not good enough for her yet until he figure himself out. Sometimes women have to look at things from a man’s perspective. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable as her man if she does almost everything for me. He prolly do have a plan for her in the near future it’s just the wrong timing.

This is just something I encountered with a young lady and wanted to share it on here.


3 thoughts on “The other day 

  1. So how much time should a girl wait for a guy to “mature”?? It’s one thing if he is including her while he finds himself then she feels needed and wanted. Girls just want to feel like they are a part of their mans life. We are simple beings. but he is pushing her away by ignoring her but saying he loves her at the same time. Why do you guys send mix message? if he is not ready cut her lose and let her find someone who is ready to fully love her.

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