Why do guys cheat?

Earlier, several ladies asked me “Why do guys cheat?” I asked one of them what’s her definition of cheating and she said “Uh sleeping with another person that’s not your spouse”

The question doesn’t make sense to me because I feel like cheating goes both ways. I’ll only answer the question because I’m a guy and I’ve cheated before and also been around guys that have cheated on their girlfriends before. There’s two ways I see why a guy would cheat on their spouse.

Some guys cheat on purpose because they like the feeling of hurting people and they don’t they really care. Some guys are just sexually attractive to a lot of females and have a difficult time controlling it. Its very hard to understand why, that even us guys usually cant explain why it’s like that. Some guys just like the fun of it because they feel like it’s cool to brag about the amount of “bodies” they have.

If i’m not wrong, it’s a proven fact that women mature much faster than man. With that been said, i believe guys cheat on their spouses because 9 out of 10 times, they’re not mature or disciplined enough to control the way he thinks and act. Sometimes it is because they’re insecure about the relationship they’re in or there’s something off about the relationship they’re in and unsure off, so instead of breaking up with their spouse, they end up staying around hoping they don’t get caught because they’re scared to hurt the woman’s feelings or start any drama.

The other type of cheating is very strange because in this type of cheating, it happens that the guy actually cares and don’t want to lose the woman. In most of these cases, there’s something about other women that attracts him that he feels like lacks in his spouse so he goes out there to get it. I’m not saying it’s okay for him to do that but that’s the truth. In these cases if you ask the guy why he cheated his answer is “I don’t know” and 9 out 10 times he’s telling the truth, HE DON’T KNOW!! “I don’t like her, I only love you, I don’t know why i cheated on you”, he’s telling the truth. Situation’s like this are likely to be the one’s where the lady happen’s to be too over-controlling or you both happen to have different personalities. Sometimes there’s a relationship where the guy is the type to go out and drink and have fun while his spouse is the complete opposite of him. Obviously he’s going to run into a woman who fit’s his personality and like being around her more because you cant relate to what he likes to do best. At the same time, he doesn’t want to lose his spouse because she’s everything he wants in the near future as far as her having the mature personality that is needed in most marriage. But once again if you ask a guy why do they cheat on their spouse but claims they love and care for you, their answer will be “I don’t know, but i really love and care for you”. He’s telling the truth. I’m not saying to change for him but i don’t see nothing wrong with getting out of your comfort zone for your man once in awhile if you really care for him and your relationship because most of the times, guys are willing to get out of their comfort zones to please a woman. With that being said, sometimes women should look theirselves and try to figure out what they’re doing or not doing to please their man. Then again, NOT all MEN ARE THE SAME


I hope this answer’s the young lady’s question if she reads this 🙂





10 thoughts on “Why do guys cheat?

  1. Hi,
    If a guy meets a girl who fits his personality and he feels his girlfriend isn’t outgoing and meeting his needs, why not break up with his girlfriend and be with the other girl he has so much in common with? Wouldn’t it be better? Don’t you think It’s kind of selfish to keep a girl you clearly aren’t into. The guy says he loves her but is he in love with her or in love with the idea of loving her because she’s the perfect house trained future wife? If he doesn’t think she fits his personality now who is to say she will fit the future him? Why not let her go so she can find someone else who will accept her for who she is? So both parties are happy. Slowly but surely the boring girlfriend will fall in between the cracks while he is out having fun with the other girl. Leaving her hurt and broken.

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    1. The guy could be in love with the girl and still cheat. I feel like cheating sometimes don’t have nothing to do with love. Neither i’m I saying it’s cool to keep both around. You just gotta look at the situation you’re in and do what’s best for you


  2. You make a good point about the girl lacking what her boyfriend is attracted to in other women but how will she know what she is lacking if he won’t tell her?

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    1. You right, the guy is suppose to let her know what she’s lacking. But most of the times, the guys don’t really know exactly what she’s lacking but if he do know, i feel like they should let her know. I hope that makes sense


  3. What do you honestly find attractive in a girl. Don’t say the common stereotypical “I like her to be sweet, calm, obident, hardworking ” bs. I’m not saying that isn’t part of what you look for in a girl but I always believe there is more to it than what guys let on.


    1. Honestly, other than the ones u mentioned above, i look for the sex appeal in a woman. Other than her being passionate and ambitious about her life, she have to be sexually attractive to me


  4. Ok so my boyfriend got upset that I started going out and drinking more and I recently tried the hookah thing I wasn’t really into.I was reserved in the beginning but felt I should open up more since he doesn’t really pay much attention to me because he is always busy with one thing or the other, but he somehow finds time to spend with his friends. So I started building new friends and hanging out with those I lost contact with when him and I started dating to feel better about myself. He got upset when he saw me dancing with another guy at a party and broke up with me. Would you breakup with your girl if she started doing all these new things or would you stay with her accept it and let her live her life if she is happy? I think my bf is being unfair because he does exactly what I started doing you know.

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    1. I personally won’t break up with my girlfriend because she started doing all the new things you mentioned. But speaking from a guy’s perspective, he prolly started liking you because you were different from the majority of the girls in this generation. So for you to be doing all these new things prolly made him feel different about you because that’s not the girl he first met. I hope that answered your question


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