“Is it hard being faithful?”

This is probably one of the questions i’ve been asked about the most. “Is it hard being faithful?” Yes and no

I feel like in today’s generation, the majority aren’t faithful in their relationship. For a guy, we encounter distractions all the time and it’s hard for us to control the way we think and act. Guys aren’t the only people to blame though. Majority of the females in this generation don’t respect their bodies, or have no self respect for themselves and are willing to give a guy what they want without an commitment. You think it’s easy for a guy to say no to sex? How you expect a guy to be faithful if all these easy distraction females are around. It takes a very matured, disciplined guy to be able to avoid all these distractions. Even married men are easily deceived to cheat on their wives, how much more a young adult who have plenty of time to explore his options before he commits himself to one woman.

I also mentioned that, It’s not hard being faithful. I meant this in the factor of marriage. I believe there’s no excuse for cheating after marriage. This is because, I believe being married to someone is literally confirming that “this is the person I love and want to spend my entire life with.” After marriage, as a guy, there shouldn’t be anything to look for in other woman because you’ve already confirmed what you’ve been looking for. But then again, In this generation, It’s very likely for a married guy or woman to cheat on each other because of the lots of distractions around

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8 thoughts on ““Is it hard being faithful?”

  1. So you’re saying women shouldn’t expect their Spouse to be faithful until after marriage? But how would we know he won’t cheat again after marriage?

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    1. Lol what i’m trying to say is, most guys keep their options open because they feel like they’re not committed to anyone. Before a guy get’s himself into marriage, he have to be ready to be with only one female. I’m not saying he’s not going to cheat after marriage but i feel like after marriage, cheating becomes a choice.


  2. If I’ve been with my bf for 7 years and he hasn’t asked me to marry him yet should I leave? Will he ever pop the question or am I wasting my time?

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    1. At this time you should know his intentions with you. If he’s been good to you as far as showing that he cares, i think at the right time he’ll ask you the question you waiting for


    1. I believe so, but i think that’s a female’s thing tho. Female’s are the one’s that actually take those kind of things very personal. For example, females are likely to remember their anniversary date and those kind of stuff other than the guy.


  3. So I have caught my BF cheating on me several times with multiple different females. Each time he says he is sorry, didn’t mean it and I’m the only female he loves and wants to be with. I get anger he says sorry, I ignore him and I take him back in the end.I’m at the point were I’m really tired and l just don’t think I can take another one of his “female best friend” as he always calls them sleeping with my bf. He never introduce me to these females so I wouldn’t be surprise if they knew I was even in the picture. Give me Your honest opinion if you were a female in my shoes wold you leave the relationship ? Or would you stay even though you keep getting hurt by the same guy you’ve practically spent a good chunk of your youth with. I’m asking you a serious question. So be honest. Would you leave or stay? And why?

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