“Major question though. What do you think of Men who don’t believe in titles?”

Me personally I feel like that title stuff got old at some point. Let me explain exactly what I mean by that. Back in middle school I remember guys would ask girls “you wonna go out with me?” or “you wonna be my girlfriend?”, shit like that. But now things change, it’s more like u meet a female and y’all start hanging out and spending time together. After a while, y’all have that boyfriend/girlfriend connection already, that nobody can even question it. At that point, I don’t think the guy gotta necessary ask the girl “you wonna be my girlfriend?” to confirm his title cus I feel like the connection is already there.

Some guys too might just wonna be sneaky with it lol. They just wonna be able to still do whatever they want cus they’re technically not in a relationship, so they can still talk to other females or they just don’t want that responsibility and that title period.

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7 thoughts on “Titles 

  1. See thats my thing, a lot of guys believe that the tittle is unnecessary if you know your place. Then again, the guys want the benefits that come along with the woman( sex) but don’t want to be firm with the (this is my woman) because the want their options open. Like men want the milk but don’t want to buy the cow.

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    1. Facts..those kinda guys are just being selfish lol but then again like I said before, sometimes the connection they develop, neither of them can question their status. I feel like some guys are firm with the (this is my woman) even though they haven’t technically asked the female to be his gf because the connection between them is unquestionable.
      Also Titles are just titles because some guys who have titles in their relationships still keep their options open regardless. So sometimes y’all females just hurt yourself by claiming that title without being sure who you’re with


  2. Well don’t you think at some point you should have the conversation about the status of your relationship? And that will involve discussing “title”. A guy does not necessarily have to ask a girl “do you want to be my girlfriend” or vice versa but I think since we are older a discussion of what we are or where we are going should happen at some point. I don’t think you just assume you are girlfriend and boyfriend just by they way things are going even. Even if people see the connection and if people ask what if one person say yes and the other say it becomes confusing.

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  3. Bullshit !! Titles are something that should be discussed because Guys who enjoy multiple females enjoys the leverage as well. The connection is understandable however if you want a girl & you want to keep a girl, make her feel secured. Stamp the title & be a man of your words. It has nothing to do about this generation or how society precieves a relationship . Ever person has the power to edtsblish their relationship to their expectation . With that being said, if a guy is not ready , do not stall nor should you accommodate to wear your crown as a woman . Their are plenty marbles in a jar . Pick one
    & toss the toxic in the garbage ! I rest my case Alash !

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