Provider or Prostitute?

Is a female that sells her body to feed her family considered a prostitute or a provider?

This is just a quick thought. Someone sent me this picture earlier and asked about my thoughts on it, and just felt like sharing it.FullSizeRender 12

A female that sells her body for money or anything, can be considered as a prostitute or a provider. I’ll explain the reasons why I feel the way I do.

Generally, I don’t judge any female or anybody in whatever they have to do in order to feed their family because at the end of the day, I don’t know their story or the reasons behind their actions. First thing I was told when I came to America was that, “In America, you make money off what you like doing best/talent.” Some females are just addicted to sex so they use that as means of making easy money to provide for their family. I personally don’t see nothing wrong with that. Others may be sexually abused when they were younger which made them have a habit of using that as means to make money. Once again, you can’t judge them if that’s the easiest way they can feed their family. In these cases, I consider a female that sells her body to feed their family a provider.

On the other hand, I believe a female that sells her body for exchange for money can be considered a hoe/prostitute. The reason why I say that is because, I believe America provides enough opportunities for every individual to be able to feed their family. Meaning, there’re so many options and things to do to make money. Prostitution should be the last thing a woman should get involve in order to feed their family. I’ll even consider stripping over prostitution. At the end of the day, I just believe it all comes down to “Choices.” Just like some guys who sell drugs. There’re so many options out there for them to be able to provide for their families  yet, they  choose to sell drugs. Just like females, some just feel lazy going out there to find real jobs or they’re not matured enough to maintain a job so they use prostitution as the easy way to feed their families because most of the times, they qualify for the job requirements. Such women find it very hard to settle down with a man to raise a family.

But then again, as much as I respect a guy that take those risks to feed his  family, I respect a female that take those L’s to provide for their family.

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6 thoughts on “Provider or Prostitute?

  1. Sex for money is a hustle but dang I mean stripping could be better . Then again if the person is physically favored I guess sex is the only option. So what’s your opinion on female appearance. Does an outfit automatically determine the mindset of a certain woman . And be honest !

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    1. Me personally, I don’t judge females off what they wear. I think society as a whole, make those impression about females. I know some females that wear outfits with almost half of their bodies out. But yet, their priorities are on point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some outfits on females that automatically made me think of them as hoes. I think there’s an extent a female should show as much. Sometimes even females are the ones judging another female based of what they have on


  2. You’re right females do judge a lot. But Honestly you would be fine if the female you were dating came out the house half naked? When She is with you and without you.

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    1. I can’t date nobody that dress trashy. Nowadays females be looking for attention for the wrong things. I’ll rather her get attention for dressing classy than trashy


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