Social Media Effects on Relationships

Over the years, social media has played a major role in relationships. Some people put their relationships on the social network for the world to see it. Others keep their relationship  between their inner circle.

Why don’t some guys like putting their spouses on their social network page?

There’s nothing wrong with a guy putting his spouse picture on his social media page. Some guys love showing their woman off to the world. That’s just their personality. Most of these guys are guys with a “free spirit” personality. They  don’t really care what people think or say about them. Also some guys post  pictures of themselves with their significant other just impress their woman. This is because maybe  their woman love social exposure. Don’t get me wrong, some guys love that social media exposure too so they don’t really mind showing that side of their life to the social world. They like the comments they receive from other people because it makes them feel good about their relationship.

On the other hand, some guys have the complete opposite personality. They are the type of guys that like to keep a private  lifestyle. Some women get mad at their man because they don’t want to post a picture of them on their social media. Sometimes it’s not that he’s hiding you from other females or anything. It’s just that he don’t like the fact of putting his personal relationship out there for the social media  world. As crazy as it sounds, some guys just don’t want the world to the romantic side of them. They just aren’t comfortable enough to promote that. It sounds petty but that’s how it really goes down sometimes. It’s hard for a woman to understand that side of a guy because most of the times, the female is the one posting pictures of herself and spouse. A woman is expected to do those kind of things because it’s proven that women are more emotional and romantic than men. Contrarily some guys on  are just being sneaky with their relationship. They don’t want the rest of the world to know that they are in a relationship so they can keep their options open.

I think social media in general can help couples maintain their relationship. Also this same tool can ruin a relationships. It has gotten to the point that social media have a huge impact on  relationships. Some people break up because of comments and likes their spouse left under a person’s picture, which I think that’s very immature. Sometimes there’s a lot of mouth and opinions in public relationships. It’s like you’re married to the whole world. It becomes a topic to some people outside the relationship. As good as it looks on social media when the relationship is going good, the whole world know’s when it goes bad. I just think there should be a limit to what you promote out there. You can let the world know who your spouse is, but they shouldn’t know every move and step you make.


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7 thoughts on “Social Media Effects on Relationships

  1. That’s BS guys only keep their girlfriends private if they are trying to be sneaky. Just admit it. If you love your gf you would show it to the world regardless of what anyone has to say about it. You share the other parts of your life knowing people will talk so why should your relationship be any different? Keeping it private makes her question your motives. That in it self brings up issues in your relationship. Making yourself public only brings problems if someone in the relationship is not being faithful because the outsiders will tell your spouse the dirt and that is what guys don’t like. Just be honest Alash!


  2. I STRONGLY AGREE. I think its okay to post a picture of your significant other on social media even one picture is okay but to post something everyday sometimes makes me feel like these couples just want attention but their relationship is not as great as it seems on social media. And I feel as though females should stop questioning the loyalty of their man based on how he shows her off on IG for example. Just because he constantly posts your picture does not necessarily mean you are the only one, females be thirsty these days they don’t have no shame in hitting your guy up even if she knows he’s taken! To meits better to keep the posting and bragging to a minimum because God forbid the relationship doesn’t work out the whole world will be laughing and gossiping about that breakup.

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