Can you “talk” to other people while in an unofficial relationship? 

What is considered “talking” to someone?

When someone say they “talk” to someone; to my understanding, it simply means two people trying to get to know each other well before any commitment. During the “talking” phase, the two people are basically testing each other to see if the relationship have potential to go further or not.

Can you see other people while “talking” to someone?

I personally don’t see anything wrong with keeping your options open while you talking to someone else because there’s no commitment attached with the “talking” title. If a guy talks to other females while in a “talking” situation with another female, that female shouldn’t be upset with him. Same thing goes for guys. If a female is in a “talking” situation with a guy, he shouldn’t be upset if the female talk to other guys. Unless it’s established between both of them that they’re not going to get involved with other people.

If both the guy and lady are really serious and interested in each other, they won’t find the interest in getting involved with other people. Some may be very interested with what they have already but for some reason, they still want to be involved with other people. When it comes down to that, its up to the other person to decide if they’re still going to date that person or not. It all comes down to choice and communication. If you feel like the guy owe’s you loyalty; even though you two are just “talking” and shouldn’t be involved with other  people, then that should be established between each other. As long as there’s communication and agreements between the two of you, there should be an understanding of what is accepted and what’s not accepted within the relationship.

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