Things you should know about dating someone with kids.

Dating someone with kids can be one of the most challenging relationships. There’s nothing wrong with dating or marrying someone with kids. As challenging as it may seem; others do not find it as challenging as you would expect. If you are going to date or marry someone who already has kids, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Meeting the kids – Some people won’t feel comfortable introducing you to their children the very first time you meet. They might decide to get to know the person better and gain more knowledge on the type of person they are, before taking the next step of introductions.

  2. When you meet their children – The children may not like you initially, because of the idea of you eventually replacing one of their parents. It will take time for them to get used to you depending on the relationship you build with them.

  3.        Not First Choice- Be prepared that you might not be getting the attention you want from your partner because he/she has kids to attend too. This means  you may come second or third choice to their kids and/or the other parent.

  4.                                                                                  The ex will always be in their life – You have to genuinely accept the possibility of the other parent being in your partner’s life forever. I’ts normal for the other parent to continuously check up on their children ; which keeps the relationship of the parents alive. If you can accept that and move on with the relationship, then you’ll be just fine.

  5.    Treat the children as your own – When you finally get to meet the children and be around them more, make sure you treat them as your own. Nothing would make the parent happier than seeing the kids getting along with their partner.

  6.  Be their best friend – A single parent doesn’t want someone who will add to their stress. Instead of becoming a problem, be the one to listen and understand their problems. Some single parents are not looking to jump in a serious relationship for a while.

  7.                                Fall in love with two – As the two of you get to know each other better; make sure you don’t fall in love with your partner, but love their kids as well. With this type of relationship, the feeling of being together as a family will be present.


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