Sex on The First Day

For years debates have risen surrounding the issue of having “sex on the first day”. Many people feel that it is  wrong to partake in sexual intercourse on the first day you meet someone. Others believe differently. I’m here to tell you how guys feel about having sex on the first day they meet a female.


If this was a couple years back, I  personally  wouldn’t take any female who allowed herself to have sex on the first day/date seriously. I had the mindset that any woman  who put her body on the platter for a guy to invade her temple on the first day was easy. In my eyes, it said a lot about that particular female. I may have been wrong; However often times as men  we feel like if we  were able to have sex with her the first night, who is to say there isn’t other guys after us who can’t do the same? Don’t get discouraged ladies. This doesn’t mean every guy thinks this way. Some guys, actually find women who embrace their sexuality on the first day attractive.

But a large majority of guys want the chase, a female that will give them a hard time to earn all that she has to offer. To these men it tells them a lot about  that particular female. The ones who want  the chase are the guys you can  expect a text and phone call back from after the first day. Sex on the first day females mostly don’t get the attention they might be seeking for after the first couple meets. You might become what  men refer  to as  a “booty call. Once again, this might not apply to all guys.

Do not worry because  our generation has  changed tremendously. Due to the influences of social media many relationships developed over texting, Facebook, Instagram etc. Some actually gain their grounds in the club. Guys are going after “bad females”, in other words women who are sexually attractive and naturally endowed.
Some people actually find love on social media nowadays. There are couples that have never met in person before, but communicate through social media. In these situations, I do not see anything wrong with them having sex the first time they meet. They have already established their relationship before they met. Most guys will still answer your text and calls in these situations. Some people might still find something wrong with that but I personally don’t.


In  cases, where two people  meet  at the club for the first time and start to  dance  with each other, they can build some type of physical attraction for each other . They  both might share  mutual feelings,  which can  lead to sex at the end of the night. I’m not going to lie, but in these situations, there is a 50/50 percent chance you’ll get a text or call back from the guy. But once again, it all depends on the guy and the situation. If you were to ask my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having sex on the first day as long as both parties  don’t regret it afterwards. It’s 2016 , if you’re on a date and the chemistry and vibe is great and you’re both ADULTS, have  sex if you want!!


2 thoughts on “Sex on The First Day

  1. I honestly feel that there’s pros and cons to Sex on the first date. It’s a different story if you and your significant other were talking for a while, getting to really know each other and when you guys met, you hadsex. Cool. But if you’re just meeting someone and you have sex with them, I honestly don’t think that’s okay… but the way this generation is going makes it seem just fine which.. really isn’t. Treasure your vagina ladies!! 😊

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