Jamaica Vlog by A’Lavish x Heartwork Media

 “Jamaica, Jamaica was lit! Honestly I could leave it at that. But for the sake of your curiosity, I’ll give more details about my trip. Personally, I feel that experiencing Jamaica at this time in my life was a must. As I get older I’m realizing that interacting with different cultures broadens your understanding of the world. For example if you ever wondered why many Jamaicans were contractors, it’s because in Jamaica many people are responsible for the assembling of their own homes. During my trip I got a glimpse of the Rastafarian culture. Being as though I’m a huge Bob Marley fan, it was like a dream being in the house he grew up in, along with having access to unlimited Rum punch from the Riu Resort. Whats even better is that I was able to  purchase ganja for a fraction of the price we pay in America. I loved the vibes in Jamaica. It’s almost as if being in Jamaica pulled the stress out from my pores. I’m not sure if it was due to the that we were on vacation or if it was the natural scenery of the country. Being there created a sense of inner peace within me that I did not genuinely experience while in America. I didn’t feel the need to party or turn up to relieve the stress because I didn’t have any while there. But I still went out to Pier 1 and Margaritaville in Montego Bay, which were experiences in themselves.

Speaking from an African’s point of view, Jamaica and Africa are very similar. From the people, to the everyday hustle, it resembles the African lifestyle. The differences between the two are minuscule, which is why at times the disconnect between both cultures is mind boggling. This makes me question why people who come from the same struggles, lifestyle and roots fail to band together upon arrival to America. Looking at the Jamaican society was like looking at a Ghanaian/Nigerian society. When infused into the in the American society, why are we so discombobulated?

Besides the ATV, zip lines, waterfall climbing and river tubing, the most was enjoyable part of my trip was taking a touring through Bob Marley’s home. The presence of a legend is a feeling like no other, whether they’re dead or alive. The tour guides told Bob Marley’s story and touched on the influences he left on the world. What makes him legendary is the fact that he continues to have an impact on people today. Without a doubt he embodies the idea of living forever. To think that after you die, your life story can be passed down to the next generations, is an inspiration. No matter how little a change is, challenging intolerant social norms is still a step in the right direction. Often people turn the other cheek because it is the easy way out. After this trip, I realized that being rich and famous can only last for so long. But leaving a positive imprint on the world can last forever. The bottom line is, my visit to Jamaica changed my view on life. ” HeartWork/WhatAlashThink


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